Bow Ties and Pearls 2016: Live Art and Mardi Gras!

Festivities bring live art and Mardi Gras together

It was the Country Club of Roswell in February . . . and Roswell’s ever popular fundraising team from Voila Salon, the Krewe of Voila, set live art and Mardi Gras ablaze.

Live art and Mardi Gras painting event in Roswell, Feb 6Two very important causes got the whole thing started . . . The event benefited both the ALS Clinic at Emory  and  The Roswell Woman’s Club. This party was all about the cause!

But now you’re thinking . . .

Why live art and Mardi Gras?

The Krewe determined to put on the best Gala yet, and they planned an inaugural Roswell Ball with flying colors – and flying dancers, to be exact. Beautiful and be-ribboned aerialists poured champagne from flying-trapeze positions for patrons who were lucky enough to get the hottest tickets of the sold-out season and then dance the night away.

And here’s what all happened …

Live art and Mardi Gras 2016 Event painting by Ann Bailey

“Along with hosts, Scott Law and Manuela Davis, and Margie Powell and all of the staff at Voila, strong team of volunteers worked to bring the Inaugural Mardi Gras Ball to Roswell. Members of the KREWE included: Liz Scull, David Sanders, Scottie and Travis Brewington, Brooke McGee, Libby Carbonell, Laura Jones, Susan Matherly, Ann Gordon, Joanne Carlton, Kelly Parish, Kelly Davis, Annette Whaley, Kendra Cox, Bridget Pulvarti, Patti Blalock, Ann Bailey, Chuck Milne, Amy and Robert Rios, and Melody Hardesty.”

  • Beneficiaries for this 2016 event were chosen both to honor a beloved Krewe friend, Jan Giordano, a beautiful fighter who is living with ALS . . . as well as to augment The Roswell Woman’s Club, which works within the greater North Fulton Area supporting a variety of heartfelt causes.


  • Dr. Christina Fournier, the Emory Center for ALS Co-Director, spoke about the work being done in the laboratory and in the clinic researching a cure for the disease while also caring for those living with ALS.


  • Atlanta’s area live event painting artists added dazzle and sizzle, for the second year in a row, to this most-popular of fundraising events. The Benefit Gala 2016,  featuring 5 event painters, included the stunning model, Tessa, a voluptuous crowd magnet. And once again, for those watching as the artworks unfolded from the brushes and puddles of raw paint, there were “no penalties for verbally engaging the artists!


What good can live art and Mardi Gras do?

Check this out!

“Atlanta, GA-April 5, 2016 – Scott Law and Manuela Davis, Owners, and Margie Powell, Stylist from Voila Salon in Roswell presented $29,500 to the Emory ALS Center from funds raised at the Inaugural Roswell Ball – Bow Ties & Pearls. The Mardi Gras themed gala was held at Country Club of Roswell on February 6, 2016 and sponsored by Brand Bank.”


Need to know more about live art at your event?

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