Best Painting Size: How to Choose?

Congratulations on your event!

And you’re having it painted!!  But first you need to choose the best painting size…best painting size.Wedding Portraits

You’ve made the decision to capture your occasion live in original art… And there are loads of reasons to get a painting done at your next big event

  • It’s becoming the best idea yet to have a professional portrait artist do the event painting to capture the best “heart and soul likenesses” while the event takes place…   

So what’s the best wedding painting size?

These points can help you pick the best size and value for your perfect finished artwork and frame ahead of time.

  • Why does it matter?

Well, you’re going to live with it for a long time – you want to be sure you’re asking for the best painting size for you.


Here’s a little bit of the process which should explain what the artist needs to know.


  •  The process?  I will bring my easel and paints and set up off to the side or back, and begin capturing the scene as it happens in finest oil on Belgian linen canvas. All paintings are begun right there just before or at beginning of your event, and are delivered signed in a professional frame, suitable for gifting right away. I’ll be buying the frame and bringing it along – so let’s be sure we’re doing it right!


  • Your Ann Bailey Live Event painting includes all necessary set up, break-down, painting supplies, carrying box, and framing and wire. Nothing for you to worry about last minute- the event will be beautiful and the painting will be finished.


  • Not included in pre-set pricing are any travel or overnight accommodations for distances over 100 miles from the artist’s studio in Roswell. Those costs can be arranged separately at time of booking.


  • CALL TODAY! You simply need to choose a desired canvas size, and call to arrange a booking. A deposit of 500. is required to hold a date, refundable up to 45 days prior to day of event. (Taxes are added to final price.) Other sizes may also be worked out, at your request. Just ask!

12×16 inches- Perfect for single or double figures.

16×20 inches- Very nice for indoor or outdoor events, some scenery.

18×24 inches- Excellent for decorative interiors, flowers, couples, and crowds.

24×36 inches-  Great size when there are lots of decorative elements and people to represent.


What About the FEES?

  • Check out our convenient, informative LIST OF SIZES and VALUES for your wedding painting. Or log in to my page and preview an estimate sample of prices I’ve listed there:

Live Event Painting on the WeddingLovely Vendor Guide



Thank you!