Live Event Portrait Artist

A live event portrait artist – at your Wedding or Special Celebration – the newest trend in Event Planning!

live event portrait artist wedding painting

Want to have an Event to be remembered?. .  Add a Live Event Painting!

Adding a Live Event Portrait Artist

Imagine this:

Your guests will have an awesome experience, filled with interest and intrigue, as they watch a live event portrait artist paint at your special event. New, yet familiar images appear with every brush stroke.

By the end of the event, your once-in-a-lifetime affair is forever captured in fine art.

Why a live event painting? It’ll bring your Party to life – and keep it alive forever!
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Here’s how Live Event Painting works –

  • Arrange a commission  and your event painter will bring their own equipment and set up and work within your site plans and guidelines.  Generally, only about a 4×4 foot space is required.


  • Watch as the painting takes shape.  Figurative portrait characterizations of the room and all your guests begins to take shape from the beginning. And by the end of your Event, you and the whole party are captured in an original painting.

Live event painting underway

  • Guests are welcome to approach and watch, ask questions, and engage the artist in conversation- “no penalties for talking to the artist.” that’s one of the things that makes a great artist-in-the-house experience!


Want info on sizes and fees?

  • You can see options for sizes and notes on the process here:

Size & Fee OPTIONS for Live Event Paintings

Are you looking for a live event portrait artist?

  • This may help:

If you want to plan an event with an artist painting in-the-moment, we would love to hear from you. Please use the email form on  our contact page.

You can read a little bit more about what to expect from a live event portrait artist at your Gala, Reception,  Corporate Event, or Wedding, by checking out this new article on live event art painting events in Atlanta.


live event portrait artist at Savannah St Patricks Day Parade
Savannah St Patricks Day Parade

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